A Train of ‘Letting Go’


Traditional Village Festival Temple Lanterns Hong Kong Museum of History

Wanting to prove our own existence is self-ignorance.

Wanting to prove its significance to others is total ignorance.

The determination to prove one’s existence and its significance only leads to misery, frustration and attachment. It is a self-perpetuating cycle drawing the ignorant further into an already fragmented and distorted reflection of oneself.

The Mind only reflects the reality you choose. The novice enthusiastically embarks on spiritual practices only later to be bewildered with confusing and contradicting experiences.

We instinctively gravitate towards completeness because that is our nature. We are by nature complete. Yet the Mind habitually perceives and confuses completeness with perfection and control. It  projects its idea of completeness into every experience or happening.

All thoughts arising from the Mind are simply past impressions. The reality that we are experiencing is just its projection. Yet we are tricked by the Mind into believing the external triggers the internal experience. The resulting agitation we all experience is only an illusion within an illusion. Do you see this?

When you are totally caught up in these illusions there is only distortion and confusion.  But when you are able to observe this experience you witness infinity. This is meditation.

With every lifetime our experiences grow richer and deeper. The skill is in recognising the Source and not be attached to its expression projected as form and substance.

It is a very delicate play with the Source and its form. It is not a game but a play. Yet we often spoil our experience by confusing it with a game. Then it is no longer a play. A play has no purpose. A game has purpose because there is a result and also an opponent. It fuels separation.

Our spiritual practices do not change us. There is nothing to change. Yet we come into it expecting change. Change is an one off experience that needs to be repeated. Change has a destination. Why limit your potential and existence? Do you see this?

Our practices supports us to transform. Transformation is a continuous evolution.  It is being at the very edge of the unknown. How can the infinite be known? Do you see this?

Behaviours and actions change but the Being only transforms.

Spiritual practices open up another dimension to our lives. It is intricately delicate yet profoundly empowering. The Great Seers could only compare it to the abundance found in nature.

In nature there are cycles and every creation has one. This is destiny. Our spiritual practices support us to witness this phenomenon. When we do you would soon realise that everything has its own destiny. This destiny will run its own course and eventually exhaust itself.  There is really nothing to do.

‘Letting go’ itself becomes another entanglement of the mind subtlety veiling an intention for a result.

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