Awaken and Surrender

IMG_7855The longing and separation exists even at the Lotus Feet of the Master.

A paradox that is ever confusing to the unsuspecting seeker.

It is a self-obsessed misery fueled by feverish expectations and driven with self-reproach.

This is the hidden darkness of devotion.

From what should be an emancipating relationship it falls into the abyss of indoctrinated bondage.

The Master will do everything to obstruct your attachment to Him. He is resolved to liberating you from all things including that which is setting you free.

Yet many are blinded by their obsessed attention to His Glory. Ignorantly falling deeper into the labyrinth of an illusory sense of worthiness and unworthiness for receiving His Grace.

Awaken to the Master’s Grace! It is like a fully blossomed flower with an unconditional radiant beauty and permeating fragrance.

Awaken to the depth of longing and separation! They are there to deliver you to self-knowledge and the source of inspiration to serve.

Awaken to the paradox that lies at the Lotus Feet of the Master! Lest you be entrapped by your own fanciful imagination.

Awaken and surrender immediately freeing yourself from further attachments!

Despair not as you journey through these awakenings within the opposites. You will emerge radiantly and reveal a deeper insight into the patterns that ripple across the consciousness. The stillness will forever prevail.

Surrender to oneself and realise doubt is always fueling your tensions. Doubt can be your best companion as it drives you to discover. Yet it can also be your worst enslavement binding you to self-perpetuated misery.

Seeking is doubting your own glorious completeness.

You will be repeatedly told: the peace and clarity–that serene paradise you seek–is within you. Yet an inner compulsion will still send you seeking. All fueled by ancient impressions feverishly awaiting for their final release.

I have journeyed on many pilgrimages to be with this inner serenity. Cherishing the experience of restoring and immersing in its absolute purity. Even-though I know it is within me it is a habitual journey that will need to exhaust its route. Just like a seed’s own perpetual cycle. It is a repeated reminder played back to indulge the Mind’s insatiable desire for experience. And it will be repeatedly played until its own recording completely fades.

Be in no effort to delay nor hurry its playback. Like a symphonic suite it will have its own tempo and rhythm for every note to play.

Awaken and surrender to every moment. Especially when at the Master’s Lotus Feet.

Awaken and surrender.

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