Master, I have wandered far,
Yet your presence is always with me.
The World remains enticing and consuming,
Leaving misery and emptiness in its wake.
My soul cries out for emancipation,
My spirit is heavily burdened.
Have I forsaken the practices?
Have I wandered off the path?

You shower me with unfathomable wisdom and wealth,
Provide comfort and rest.
Yet my spirit remains unsettled.
What more is there to ask?
What more can one gain?

My guiding lighthouses are fading,
Yet my own seeking has become a searchlight for others.
The texts have become silent,
The songs no longer move.
Neither paths have brought me what I seek.

The absence I feel is not from lacking,
The disengagement is not from meaninglessness,
The emptiness is not from futility.
Nothing is being taken away or added.
I remain as ever complete.

Master, I want to ask where am I?
Yet such questioning is meaningless to the seeker.
For how can there be an answer
when all questioning only seek closure?

My presence is the totality,
The ageless, limitless and all pervading space.
Yet the lucid limitations I experience is unsettling.
Master, I have wandered far.
Yet your presence is always guiding me.
Tears well up from gratitude,
Cradling every experience, every moment.

Master, the distances and separation are only a sentimental imagination.
Though the longing remains,
I know you are always with me.
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