About the Site

After visiting the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nasik

When nearing the time it is not so much about you dropping the world but rather the world being ready to drop you.  It will never do so willingly.  It will take away all hope and then bring it all back.  If you are intellectually inclined then through the intellect the world will work.  If you are sentimental then the world will present sentimental situations.  In any case it will do all it can to hold you tight, absolutely tight.  Recognise this and see that it is like revealing the illusionist’s secret.  All types of tricks are used to draw you away from that final realisation.  The last trick the illusionist will play is your self.

This site shares my musings on the spiritual path.  Personal thoughts and experiences that were originally posted on my Facebook when I faced challenges, revelations and inspirations.  I have compile them into one place for convenience and will continue to update.  I hope they give you direction and comfort as you embark on your own spiritual quest.

Loads of Love and Jai Guru Dev!  Tim