Guru Tattva

The Master's Assan

In the crowd you maybe be one in a million.  But before the Master you are unique and special.   That is the special connection every devotee has with the Master.  It can only be understood this way–personal and special.  So drop the comparison with others.  Take it for granted that the Master loves you unconditionally.  His Love for you is unique and special because that is what you are.

The connection with the Master is inexpressible.  It is such a personal journey that nothing can possibly describe or express its entirety.  It is a connection that is beyond all context and concepts but also experienced through the same.  Its nature is seemingly contradictory because it is an expression of the Truth, unconditional and complete.  It resonates with the soul because the connection happens there.

Our connection with the Guru is unconditional.  Although we may lose faith in everything
including ourselves, the Guru never loses faith in you.  We may give up on Him, He never gives up on you.  He is all compassion.  It is His nature.  More importantly, He wants you to experience and realise that you are also the same.

We are all equal before the Master.  Our connection with Him is unconditional.  He is a reflection and expression of our full potential which is infinite.  The Master can only see perfection in you.  Only the Master can see your full potential and create the situations for them to blossom.  He will present situations as opportunities to allow us to fully express our potential.  Yet he asks for only one thing of us and that is to be happy.

The Master has no expectations of you because it creates identity and separation fuelling the ego-sense of doership.  Equally when we place an expectation on the Master we are creating the ego-sense of identity and separation.  Ask yourself where does the sense of belonging begin?  Begin with yourself.  Take it for granted that the Master loves you unconditionally.

Your connection with the Master is very ancient.  Like Love, Life and the Divinity it is beyond understanding because the beauty lies in its mystery.  Just recognise this connection has no obligation or separation.  It is beyond everything.  Realised or unrealised your connection with the Master has always been there.

Awaken and realise that it is not a relationship but a direct connection.

Look back at your own life and see that it is just one big Guru story.