Spiritual Fluency

When we begin to search for meaning and purpose of our experiences, we embark on a fascinating journey to self-discovery. A deeper experience of our existence opens up by just taking a moment in considering our actions and results, attention and outcomes.

The way we engage in these experiences and the imprint they leave on our consciousness depends on the state of our being. Whether pleasant or unpleasant, joyful or miserable, our own state of being–the way we engage and perceive the situation–will influence the experience and its imprint. Being aware of our sensibility, sensitivity and the correlative relationship they have on our experiences is Spiritual Fluency.

We engage the world on various levels. Having a clearer perspective of each level will enable us to improve our effectiveness as an individual.

Each level have their own specific role and function relating uniquely to every situation.

We often face confusion when our different levels intermingle creating seemingly inconsistent and contradicting experiences. These different levels naturally intermingle. Having a framework that also serves as a compass for Spiritual Fluency encourages clarity and consistency in experiencing an ever-changing environment.

The framework and compass for Spiritual Fluency is multi-dimensional and multi-directional. Its nature is being able to evolve and revolve simultaneously.

Applying the framework can offer some form of steadiness when considering an experience. As a compass, it provides a sense of direction.

Have courage and begin your own fascinating journey of self-discovery!